We Provide a full service from design and manufacture through to delivery and erection.We’ll work closely with your teams to ensure that your next build runs smoothly, within budget and on time. When using Charnwood Timber Frame you’ll benefit from decades of experience and competitive rates. We like to think the most competitive within the marketplace.

Invest in a home from Charnwood Timber Frame, and you will reap real benefits in terms of the build process, environmental impact, cost and performance of the finished structure.

Benefits of timber frame are speed, ease of construction, thermal performance, cost certainty, air tightness.

Timber Frame is suitable for all house types with speed of construction reducing the time on site by 30-50%. All structures are precision engineered, designed by experts and manufactured to the tightest tolerances possible to aid the erection teams on site. Timber frame can be built all year round and Is less at the mercy of the elements. Not even the UK weather can slow you down.

All timber used is sourced and from sustainable, renewable forests that are PEFC certified.

Timber is a dry construction method, which in turn reduces the drying out time and problems caused by cracking.