Easi Joists

Metal web joist (easi-joists, space joists, posi joists, eco joist)  out perform many traditional floor systems today. Not only for their load-bearing performance and the span allowance but they are far faster and lighter to install and make installation of follow on trades easier with the ease at which the services can be manipulated between the webs.


Advantages of Easi Joist Metal Web Joists

  • Faster Installation (reduces labour time and costs)
  • Larger span capacity
  • Open service voids for ease of cable and pipe installation
  • Fully engineered with layouts and calculations provided
  • Made to measure, no waste on site cutting other joist systems.
  • Less timber means less water and therefore less shrinkage and twist potential versus other systems

For more information download the Easi Joist Technical Guide

Advantages of Easi Joists

Joist Span Tables

Wolf Joist Span Tables

A Charnwood joist system can save you money and time, see the examples below

Joist example 1
Joist 2
Joist 1
Joist Example 4